Friday, December 18, 2009

Say “Cheese”

Last week I went to a Christmas party and loved an appetizer that a friend made.   This week I had another party to go to, SO I called up my friend and got her recipe.

It is amazingly easy . . . .


Here is how easy:

Cheese Spread

2 - 14oz containers of Cheese Spread (I used Port Wine. . next time I will try plain Cheddar)

1 - 8oz pkg of Cream Cheese (or more to taste)

Mix together well.  Line a small bowl with saran wrap and scoop the cheese in.  Dump out on your dish and remove the wrap. 

Add a topping of your choice.  I used almonds.  My friend used parsley.  Both were really good to me.

And of course you need crackers to dig in.

This was a nice alternative to all the SWEET treats being served this time of year :)


ALSO, Mike came home for a few days.  SO yesterday we had a good friend take some family pictures for us. 

You can have a sneak peek Here

We were careful NOT to say the word “cheese” because it makes pictures look like this:


 IMG_1303 IMG_1651IMG_1311


Thanks Mrs. E for enduring the cold with us and blessing our family with your gift of photography! 



Sherry said...

Just got caught up on your blog. So fun! Those family portraits are amazing! You are very blessed! Merry Christmas!

Mrs. E. said...

Thanks for the recipe, Tina. I wanted that one too!

Anonymous said...


Your family pictures are amazing! You must be so pleased.

jenny white

Tina said...

So pleased :) Thanks for peaking