Monday, December 14, 2009

Not my idea of a good time. . .

But the kids LOVE it!!

This is the second year a friend lent us a snowmobile for the winter. The kids really enjoy taking rides as the snowmobile trails are about a hundred feet away.

Well, the trails aren’t groomed yet, so Dad made a “trail” in our back yard. He also rigged up a sled to be pulled behind so everyone can have a turn at once. Like I said. . NOT my idea of a good time.

Here they are. The fluffy falling snow makes it safe, or so Dad says!


They were frozen when they got in!


An extra blessing today was that a carpet cleaning friend stopped by randomly. He said he had just enough time to clean our carpets - something I have wanted to get done all Fall! So while the kids were “having fun”. . I got to put the house back together, which is my idea of a good time. :)


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