Monday, April 11, 2011

Can You Guess the Character?


It felt a little like the end of October for our KIDS ALIVE program.

It was “Dress as a Cartoon Character” night . 

Can you guess our characters??




The kids had tons of fun trying to decide which one to be!

OK . . . here are the answers. . .

(Left to Right . . . Bob the Builder, Mario, Yosemite Sam, Angelina Ballerina & Curious George)

Sweet little characters they are Smile

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Short, But Sweet.


Mike came to visit us for a day.  Yes, a day.  24 hours almost exactly. 

We haven’t seen him in 6 months so we were SO glad he made it up this way to spend that time with us. 

Of course we had to get a family picture.



The kids especially loved wrestling with him and we loved just hanging out.

Mike visit Feb 2011

Short, but so so sweet. 

We love you Mike and miss you already!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Years Eve Fun!

This was our second year hosting Fort’s TruNorth Interns for New Year’s Eve.  We had

tons of fun!  We again took time to sled & snowmobile all over the yard and neighborhood.

And this year our kids even got to stay up until midnight!

Here is the crew….


Since the weather was so warm, the snow was wet and heavy.  Great for packing; Justin

headed up the building of a GIGANTIC snowman in our front yard.  The snow rolled up

like sod. What a treat to pull in our driveway to this sight.


All 9 feet froze solid the next day so it might greet all our visitors this winter. Maybe you!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

In less than two weeks. . .


We went from this:



(Left to right: Skunk, Packer Fan, Clown, Bat Girl and Lady Bug)


To this:




It’s Wisconsin. Actually, it’s Northern Wisconsin. And we like it!