Tuesday, December 8, 2009

From the 17th at Lambeau

Or Laaammmbbeauuuuu as Craig would say.

This past Monday night we traveled down to Green Bay for the big game between the Packers and the Ravens.

Craig wanted to take me to a game since I have never been to one in all my years living in WI. So when we got a gift to do something special (alone), he started searching for tickets. He found seats in the 17th row for a GREAT price.

We knew it would be cold. We didn’t know it would be 20 degrees! So I started worrying about what to wear. . . I hate to be cold and thought it would make for a LONG evening sitting outside on bleachers.

Craig helped me dress. . . layers, boots, hat, mittens and those neat little foot warmers. I can honestly say I stayed warm the entire night.

IMG_1796 (Players on the field just before the game)

We had such a great time! Our seats were so close to the players. Each Lambeau Leap was just below us.

IMG_1814 (Half time honoring Service Men, Women and their families ~ VERY cool)

It is amazing to me the camaraderie that Packer fans have. It felt like one big family. The lady next to me (in black) thought so too as she enjoyed my cushion for part of the night, much to my (short-lived) frustration.


We didn’t mind the roughly 3-hour drive home, even though it began not long after 11PM.

It was a night to remember, and Craig & I still had a trip home to go over all the cool stuff we enjoyed…together…from the 17th row.


mom said...

YAY! There really is nothing like a Packer game,is there?! They are a lot of fun and you do feel a camaraderie with everyone there. I'm so glad you two could go :-)

Tammy ~@~

Mrs. E. said...

Wow, you sure did have great seats!
I'm so happy that you stayed warm the entire time!
What fun memories.

Jenni said...

awww...that's so fun!! I'm glad that you guys had a good time. Korey took me to a game this fall and it was really fun!!