Friday, May 1, 2009

Gathering Place Open House

This Sunday we had a night of dedication and celebration. Over 100 local friends came together for this special night. Open House '09 Apr 144

Our Director Tom Robertson shared of how Fort came to be in 1956 and the reason it still exists today. He’s a great story-teller, and this setting is truly awesome.


 Open House '09 Apr 166

We made a big circle and prayed together, thanking God for making it possible for this ministry tool to be completed. We asked Him to enable us to use it well.


Open House '09 Apr 01

(The entry compass – pointing True North)  We are so glad that the Gathering Place will allow young and old to hear of God’s love for them and to make deep life-long friendships. You gotta love the hair - none of ours have such nice curls!

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