Thursday, March 3, 2011

Short, But Sweet.


Mike came to visit us for a day.  Yes, a day.  24 hours almost exactly. 

We haven’t seen him in 6 months so we were SO glad he made it up this way to spend that time with us. 

Of course we had to get a family picture.



The kids especially loved wrestling with him and we loved just hanging out.

Mike visit Feb 2011

Short, but so so sweet. 

We love you Mike and miss you already!


mom said...

Savor the short sweet moments!

I love your littlest's M's face in your family picture :-)

Tammy ~@~

Tina said...

Ha ha. . that is the "cheese" face. I try not to say that word. . but it is pretty cute :)
I did savor the moment and cried the whole day he left. I had thought my mother in law to be a little strange when she would cry EVERY time we would leave. I understand her a little better now.
Hugs, Tina

Hollinger Family said...

Wow, can I relate to this one! ;^)
Lovely to read about and meet you... looks as if we have a few things in common *hee*
Blessings, Sheri