Saturday, August 22, 2009

While we were off visiting to Grandma and Grandpa’s. .

We helped them build a deck

Gr & Gr's Aug 09  (14) 

We finished even though it rained HALF the time

Gr & Gr's Aug 09  (69) - Copy

Maccoy turned 4

Gr & Gr's Aug 09  (26)


  Of course we did some fishing and playing too

Gr & Gr's Aug 09  (67)

Gr & Gr's Aug 09  (47)

Gr & Gr's Aug 09  (9) 



 Gr & Gr's Aug 09  (65)Gr & Gr's Aug 09  (36)

Thanks to some good friends who lent us a pop-up, we got to camp out. . you can see the path we made to keep dry through what became 3 inches of rain runoff.

A worthwhile trip, it was!




I'm glad you had a good time! Miss you. Kathy

Mrs. E. said...

Wow! What a productive AND fun time. Nice looing deck too! Look forward to talking with you soon!